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    We are very impressed at how responsive and professional this company is. Always helping and getting us up to date on the newest/best equipment here at Pain Resources, Inc. We recommend The Woodlands Copier to anyone wanting a top notch experience in the best office equipment around and customer service! Thank you Chris!
    kelly Simon
    20:15 17 Nov 21
    Chris (the owner) is awesome, professional, and punctual!Thanks for the great pricing and service- glad we can support another local business!
    Christopher Harvey
    18:15 21 Jul 21
    I have a Xerox that was not working properly and Chris came out to inspect it. We identified the issue at that time. Then once the finisher was connected it was not working properly. Called Chris again and he sent a Technician by the name of Steve who was extremely patient and knowledgeable of Xerox. He solved the issue, got me up and running in no time! Steve spent some time with me going over the functions of the Xerox printer. I truly appreciate the amazing customer service and assistance Chris and Steve provided!
    Pakn Ship
    14:24 28 Apr 21
    I have purchased two copiers from Woodlands Copier and have been satisfied with both the machine and the service I have received. I have found Chris and his employees to be courteous and knowledgeable. Not only have they been quick to get my machines set up, they also worked to integrate them so i could print from and scan to all of my computers easily - and they made it where I can print documents from my phone. Any time the copiers have needed service, they have been quick (same day) to make repairs. When I am running out of supplies, they overnight or hand deliver what I need by the next day. With all of this being said, I will continue to use Chris and his crew for all of my office equipment needs.
    David Annie Hart
    15:41 25 Jun 19
    This is a great company, very dependable and always willing to answer any questions. Chris is a great general manager. Would highly recommend!
    Kendra Sullivan
    15:34 25 Jun 19
    Our company has been very happy with the Canon copier we purchased from Woodlands Office Equipment, as well as the monthly service we receive from them. We would highly recommend them to any other company, small or large, who needs office equipment.
    Parisa Chandler
    18:40 24 Jan 22
    We have had a great experience with Woodlands Office Equipment. They were very knowledgeable with their machines and made sure we were purchasing the right machine for our company. The process of them setting it up and getting it up and running was very smooth. We would highly recommend this company and we will be looking at purchasing more equipment as we expand.
    Courtney Newell
    13:26 14 Apr 22
    Woodlands Copier has GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Their work is excellent and they truly want the Customer to be satisfied. For example, there was an issue with one of our copiers today, I called Chris and he thought he could not get anyone to come out till tomorrow, but he sent the technician Steve today! Steve was great! The whole group is awesome including Nicole & Jeff.
    Rhonda Reyes
    20:28 26 Apr 22
    Our trucking company's experience with Woodlands Office Equipment was first class. Tks guys.
    Jeffery Willcoxon
    13:12 28 Apr 22
    Our company currently leases 4 copiers from this company. They are very accommodating, helpful, and timely in any service provided! I highly recommend this company!
    Rebecca Waguespack
    17:09 04 May 22